Uploading EVERYthing...ever.

2013-06-18 20:41:57 by Akulu

Literally uploading everything I have ever made old and new. Sheeeeit. :(

Akulu: Inner Elixir Collective Available now!

2012-10-28 19:09:25 by Akulu


Please help support my musical passion. It's only $5 on November 2nd. If you purchase it, let me know and I will send you some bonus stuff!

Old Music, New Things

2012-10-16 10:59:35 by Akulu

I am tracking down my old music for those who have expressed interest recently. Due to the loss of my HDD with all of it on there, I am trying to see if I can recover it from any friends who might have had it. Also. This friday, I finally upgrade from my stupid 2002 Creative Speakers, and will be getting a sick Bose hookup and some Beats headphones. Music quality will improve durastically. Thanks for the support. Also, check out SenatorJohnDeans jams, they are solid.


2012-03-13 00:50:26 by Akulu

Just so everyone knows. I have complied ALL my music I have ever made. Literally. Into a CD or .zip/rar. There are over 100 tracks since 2003 when I began with the first Fruity Loops. Back then it was just a beat maker. If your interested, just let me know! I will send you a .ZIP/.RAR file with them all for your perusing! Most of them are between 1 min and 3 min. :)

Soundcloud & NG

2010-07-27 20:57:26 by Akulu

You can find most of my music on my Soundcloud.com account. www.soundcloud.com/agonz2012

I will upload what I can here. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.