2012-03-13 00:50:26 by Akulu

Just so everyone knows. I have complied ALL my music I have ever made. Literally. Into a CD or .zip/rar. There are over 100 tracks since 2003 when I began with the first Fruity Loops. Back then it was just a beat maker. If your interested, just let me know! I will send you a .ZIP/.RAR file with them all for your perusing! Most of them are between 1 min and 3 min. :)


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2012-03-24 17:23:39

I'm letting you know.

Akulu responds:

Haha. Well I will upload it then. :P


2012-05-24 22:24:49

Is this the only way to get your older songs? If so I'd like to see the zip. I really liked Pipe but now you seem to have taken it down :(