Old Music, New Things

2012-10-16 10:59:35 by Akulu

I am tracking down my old music for those who have expressed interest recently. Due to the loss of my HDD with all of it on there, I am trying to see if I can recover it from any friends who might have had it. Also. This friday, I finally upgrade from my stupid 2002 Creative Speakers, and will be getting a sick Bose hookup and some Beats headphones. Music quality will improve durastically. Thanks for the support. Also, check out SenatorJohnDeans jams, they are solid.


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2012-10-23 13:57:33

i want...i need that music...i am really really really wanting it

Akulu responds:

Yeah man. I do to lol. I have a huge project on FB going on with people i've sent my music to over the years. Theyre slowly but surely getting it back to me. You will have it all as soon as I get the last track I can think of. Should be fairly soon!